Mental Health

Center for Child & Family Well-Being

The Center for Child & Family Well-Being is a Seattle local resource based out of the University of Washington. Their effective scientifically based practices promote mental health and overall well-being of children. The research, workshops, trainings, and publications focus on promoting well-being and resilience, adversity, and inequity, cultivating mindfulness and compassion, and parental supports.

The importance of positive relationship building between parents and children cannot be overstated. These relationships are the foundation of a child’s life; they need nurturing, warm, and consistent relationships built on trust. With workshops, classes, events, video library, articles, public lectures, and scientific research; mental-help, resilience, and family support resources are just a click away.

Community of Mindful Parenting

The Community of Mindful Parenting is a resource for families that is dedicated to the empowerment of families, helping them to become more compassionate and mindful. The group is multigenerational (encouraging parent, grandparent, and caregiver participation), multicultural (international community), and fully inclusive; working to build child and parent relationships. The site features groups such as “Listening Mothers” (infant based group) and “Finding Calm” (supporting families with children of all ages), an online forum, online classes and events, articles, videos, and weekly online meditation.

NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has resources, support and education, and advocacy tools that surround mental illness. They also offer a free six-week educational program for parents and caregivers who are raising children experiencing mental health symptoms. NAMI also connects parents, caregivers, and family members to support groups. Their website hosts educational videos regarding COVID, criminal justice, mental health conditions, NAMI conversations, personal stories, and (my personal favorite section) strength over silence. If your child is diagnosed with a mental illness or if you have noticed recent behavioral issues, there are resources to help. NAMI lists out mental health conditions, common mental illnesses, treatments, and scientific research.

Please visit their website if you as an individual need assistance mental illness resources (finding mental help professionals, work success, help paying for medications, understanding a diagnosis, and insurance benefits) or if you are a family member who would like help (supporting recovery and learning how to help your family). They have specific resources for frontline professionals, veterans and active-duty members, and identity and cultural supports.