Erikson Institute Early Math Collaborative

In 2020, I learned about an amazing resource – Erikson Institute Early Math Collaborative!

This is a free resource intended for educators (and caregivers) to understand the big ideas of early math. The website has professional development opportunities, online learning, up-to-date research, and events.

The “idea library” houses engaging math lessons, promotes books with a math focus, and offers suggestions on how daily activities can become meaningful mathematic lessons.

Math Games

With online games and free printable worksheets for preschool math, Math Games is a great resource for teachers. They offer colorful worksheets for geometry (positions and shapes), counting, measurement (holds more or less), comparison (classify by color and comparing objects), addition, and subtraction; all completely free. Before you download the worksheets, the website provides you with the number of questions on each sheet and approximately how long the activity will take. These worksheets are wonderful for small-group activities to see where each child is with their math skills or to send home with families for additional math practice. They also offer on-demand videos for each skill being taught; these videos can help students understand math topics on their own (sent out on SeeSaw), or as a video lesson in class.