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Art for Kids Hub

General Overview

Art for Kids Hub is an art centered resource that I found while searching YouTube drawing tutorials with my own young children in the beginning of the pandemic. Rob (the creator) and his family teach children how to draw, paint, and create origami. Each lesson is self-contained, meaning anyone can jump right into whatever lesson looks the most enjoyable to them. While watching these tutorials, children can pause if Rob is going too fast, develop their fine motor skills, create recognizable characters, and explore paper folding techniques. My boys love the Nintendo and Pokémon themed drawings, but I personally prefer the painting techniques and origami demonstrations.

Authentic Learning Experienced

Art for Kids Hub involves real world presentations of drawing tutorial. Children can watch an adult and child participate in the art activity. While they are drawing, they are learning shapes and talking about colors while getting hands-on artistic experience; they can then present their artwork to their family, friends, classroom, or ask an adult to help them post it online. Participating in these tutorials allow children to join a community of online learners. After the tutorials, children will be able to apply what they learned in the videos to individualized art projects in their daily lives.

Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Each video teaches viewers what to do in small steps that are easy to follow, making each video developmentally appropriate. For three-year-old children, these videos could help them with their hold of a writing tool and basic shapes. For children four- to five-years-old, these videos will help children with their writing skills, artistic ability, and fine motor development (with all forms of artwork practiced). As children learn new art techniques they are stimulated and become proud of their ever-growing abilities.  Art for Kids Hub is individually appropriate as it supports interest-based learning, each child can find the artwork that is personally interesting to them while working at their own pace. This resource also shares a variety of cultural resources with children including Japanese origami, Native American designs, Polynesian inspired works, flags, and globally recognizable characters.

Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives


 7. Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination

            a. Uses fingers and hands

            b. Uses writing and drawing tools


8. Listens to and understands increasingly complex language

            a. Comprehends language

            b. Follows directions

The Arts

33. Explores the visual arts